Model: Jane Teeple Glicini Central Pennsylvania, 2012-2014 My sister Jane has often modelled for me and especially came through when I started doing more experimental stuff. Her ethereal beauty photographs so well, and… Continue reading


Model: Melanie Rosenberger University Park, PA 2015 Melanie was a college friend of mine whom I had lost touch with for years and randomly reunited with just before I moved to NYC. When… Continue reading

Shadow Creature

Model: Andrew Schall Woodward, PA 2014 A few years ago some friends of mine and I were location scouting for a horror film set in a cabin in the woods. The monster of… Continue reading


Model: Seth K. Studio portraits, 2009 Seth and I had a brief but very tumultuous relationship about ten years ago. To this day I’m not able to explain our situation besides “karmic as… Continue reading


Model: Vincent Fuentes Taken in Coney Island, Manhattan and Roosevelt Island, 2015-2016 I randomly met Vinny one day when my friend Jess and I wandered into his former place of employment, a high-end… Continue reading

Chuck Ramsey

Model: Chuck Ramsey Studio portraits, 2005-2007 Chuck Ramsey is the first musician I regularly collaborated with as a photographer. We both worked for the same university department, ran with the same circles of… Continue reading

Shark On A Lark

In 2015, my college friend C. and I trekked around central Pennsylvania to do an Instagram series she had come up with called “Shark On A Lark.” Her job was stressing her out … Continue reading

Gas Explosion

In 2015, I was on the D train when I spotted a plume of black smoke burst into the sky in Borough Park, Brooklyn. I immediately hopped off the train and decided to… Continue reading

Lesley Barth

Model: Lesley Barth Taken 2015, Rockaway Beach, Queens Singer-songwriter Lesley Barth and I have had a long creative partnership since I moved to NYC in 2015. She has since become one of my… Continue reading


I was born in a small village called Woodward at the base of a mountain. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with the place my whole life, but I can’t deny that I’m endlessly… Continue reading