What The Hell.

I have a hard time talking about my work. There’s been a lot of self-censorship over the years. I blame a self-consciousness brought on by art school, but only in part. I tend to make a whole lot of shit and then either throw it all at people or hide it in my closet. It’s not the most rational behavior. It’s not the most lucrative. It’s not the most organized way to handle what I create.

I decided to start this blog of my art to sort through some of this and maybe work through some of my shyness. Obviously my canon of work is vast and impressive, but it’s not really doing me any good not being shared.

By nature I’m a very disorganized and disjointed person. I am very passionate about a lot of things, and find connections most people overlook because  I’m interested in almost everything. And in return, everything influences me. I’m completely conscious of this, and sometimes it gets overwhelming. A lot of unfinished projects happen because I’m leaping off into some other venture. I come back to what I was doing eventually, but in the interim I’ll have done 5000 other things.

This blog isn’t going to be in chronological order, or a logical one, and I might not even really keep it up often…who knows? But the thought counts, right?