I worked at a stationery store for 4 years. My boss had studied calligraphy at Smith (I had no idea it was a major?) and built a tidy little empire selling prints of her calligraphy. I learned a lot about calligraphy from her, though not firsthand.

Being a lefty calligrapher is a challenge, to say the least. You have to keep your hand off the paper. You have to buy special nibs JUST FOR YOUUU. Like lefty scissors, they’re never quite right. But I managed to do some fun shit. I usually give away (or throw away) calligraphy I’ve done. One of my favorite things I made was a job application at a design firm in California that I wanted to work for. I sent them a Box o’ Fun: a fun filled box stuffed with weird shit. I made my résumé a parody of their own catalogue, threw in one of those cans that moo when you tip it, and did a gorgeous calligraphy piece that just said “CRUNK” in Copperplate script. I wish I’d photographed that. The company said they loved my Box o’ Fun but were unable to hire anyone else at that point. Oh well…someone has “CRUNK” in their office somewhere. I suppose there might be a somewhat lucrative business out there of subversive calligraphy. Anyone interested? $50/hour.


This hangs in my office.

I gave this to my friend Matt. I made two circles of calligraphy and chopped one up and turned it into a calligraphy collage. He claims he has it displayed in his living room, but since he’s 2000 miles away it’s difficult to verify this.

And this is just a regular old mandala: