Home Cookery.

I love to bake. I have a huge collection of old cookbooks from the 1900s-1970s and one of my favorite things to do is leaf through these old recipe books and make things from them. I pick up cookbooks at flea markets, book sales, you name it.

Here are a few things I made over the past couple of years that I had fun doing…I like baking cookies and making pies with fun cutouts, but I especially love to decorate cupcakes. I use Amy Sedaris’s recipe from her book. Most other cupcake recipes are too dense or too airy, but hers are just right.

Oatmeal cookies.

Rhubarb pie.


Wonderland cookies.

Peanut Butter cookies.

Amy Sedaris cupcakes.

Blueberry pie.

Oatmeal blueberry.

Communist Party cupcakes.

Bob Barker cupcakes for the Price Is Right Party.