Cashing In On Christmastime.

My old pal Chuck Ramsey put out a new holiday single called “Cashing In On Christmastime.” It’s a fun ditty about being poor and whoring a song out for profit so he can afford presents for his friends, or at least a round of beer. I love the song: it’s cynical, meta, and super catchy – all things I like about holiday songs.

He called me up a couple of weeks ago to see if I could do a quickie album cover for the single, which was immediately going to be put on iTunes and played on different radio stations. He wanted an early Johnny Cash album feel, but kind of have a novelty kick, since the song itself is funny. I knew exactly what he wanted the minute the words came out of his mouth! I ended up finding a retro Santa stock photo, and decided to make it look like it was hand-cut with an x-acto knife, so I didn’t make it entirely exact. I researched the fonts and checked in with my friend Josh, a typography history buff, to make sure they were as accurate as possible for a record album made in the late 1950s-early 60s.  The biggest challenge was getting the font for “STEREO” right. I mocked that up from a 1960s record.

Other than that, everything else was pretty easy. I wanted it to be obvious that it was a modern song, so the currency behind Santa is modern currency…and I put “XMAS2010” in Futura as the “random serial number” in the STEREO headline. I think it’s pretty damn cute!

The song was played on Friday on Salford City Radio, a British station that includes Boy George among its DJs. Ian Rothwell loved Chuck’s song and gave it a very nice promotion on air!

That’s awesome for everyone. Check out the new holiday smash, “Cashing In On Christmastime.”