My friends Kristin and Joe wanted to have family portraits done with their baby son, Vincent. Vincent has the most solemn demeanor I’ve ever encountered in a child that young, but he was a great, if serious-faced, model. The day these were shot was scorching, about 95º in the sun, so it’s remarkable he was this calm!

This was my first baby portrait shoot, and I have to say, photographing very small children is a challenge I never expected. They can’t reason yet, they get pissed off or confused as to why Mommy and Daddy are suddenly pleading with them for a smile, and they run off at any given moment.

My approach is this: photograph what you can get. If you get a smile, that’s nice. Maybe it’s because Diane Arbus is my favorite photographer, that I prefer kids as they really are: crying, moody, grumpy, happy, excited, uninhibited, real people! Luckily Kristin and Joe knew exactly what to expect with their stern-faced baby, and as a result, I think I got some rather touching portraits.

I like how cute Vincent is with his baby newsanchor demeanor….and pretty soon he’s going to be a big brother!

Here’s my favorites from the shoot: