I got another subcontracting gig with a local interior design company, Morpheus. This task is to design four sports-themed (specifically Pittsburgh teams) lampshades. The design will be printed on vellum and turned into translucent cylinders suspended in a wire cube. They wanted specific images and athletes, so it took a lot of research to find pictures that I could use and were usable. They also wanted to incorporate imagery of Altoona’s local railroad heritage in the lampshades, which made research kind of crazy. I know little about either subject, so I ended up learning quite a bit about two subjects that previously never held my interest.

These lampshades are for a local bar, so that aspect was pretty exciting to me!

After a few hiccups, I managed to do a very simple collage and here’s a glimpse of how they will look flat, before construction:


I’m rarely happy with my work and I think I could have done better – but I’m on a tight deadline on these, and I think that as lampshades they will look much nicer than as a plain old flat collage. It sounds like the client was perfectly happy with the design concept, and honestly, that’s all I care about right now. I’ve put a lot of time into them, done a lot of research – so, I guess the learning process was good. I can’t wait to see how the final construction of the lamp looks, actually! If I get a chance to go to this bar, I’ll take pics of the lamps in their environment. (I’d say I’m owed a beer on this project!)