I started getting interested in doing collage-type things with buttons.

My mom gave me a large jar of old buttons she had probably picked up at auction years ago (some are from the 1930s, some are possibly older – I’ll hold on to those for special projects). I picked up some more at a flea market in Lewisburg a month ago. After researching some ideas, I came up with the idea of doing a collage appliqué on a skirt. I drew a T-Rex on a cut-up old pair of khakis I didn’t want anymore, arranged white buttons on it, and sewed the appliqué to an old black skirt I’d gotten at Ross a couple of years ago. Now the skirt looks pretty super sweet and I’m getting stopped on the street about it left and right. Yay! I’m proud and want to make a bunch for my friends. These appliqués will probably be sold at an upcoming craft fair, or if I’m feeling particularly crafty, maybe I’ll just go down to the thrift shop and pick up a bunch of plain skirts and embellish them for a few extra bucks. Not bad for a $5 quart jar of buttons.