Mmmmbop, Fashion!

A few of us in town all sell things on Etsy, so we staged a fashion shoot at a local museum, the Centre Furnace Mansion.

My buddy Kasey Cannon is a gifted seamstress and fashion designer who makes adorable vintage inspired dresses. She graciously included me in on her shoot to highlight my jewelry. The backdrop of this pretty mansion in Central Pennsylvania served both of us well, and we had a blast doing the photo shoot. Most of the photographs were shot by a mutual friend, Valerie Sanders. Valerie was a former student I worked with who majored in Integrative Arts, and she has a great eye for fashion. Valerie was also modeling for the shoot, so we decided to switch back and forth between art direction and taking pictures. I thought we worked well together and had fun ideas! Collaboration at its best.

Another friend, Jess Hessler, was also on hand as a model.  Jess is a natural model, I’ll probably ask her to do shots for me again in the future. She, Valerie and Kasey were a great contrast in style. Valerie has a very graceful classic look; Kasey is modern and cute; Jess has a more edgy but sweet look. All of them photograph great!

Here are some of my shots from the fashion shoot. The jewelry I listed on Etsy is up with some of the shots Valerie took, so I decided it would be a nice gesture to CCHS to donate 15% of the sale of my jewelry items to them, as their budget got cut.