Wedding Fever.

My friend Anna and her fiancé James are finally getting hitched (about effing time) and I ended up doing their invitation package as a wedding present to them. Anna’s had a very rough year, so I wanted to do a pretty, cheerful invitation for them.

She picked out paper folders from a nice site called Cards and Pockets, in which you could stuff the invitation, RSVP card, information, etc into separate slots. It was a very slick setup, and easy enough to work in the necessary dimensions. We decided to do the printing ourselves to save money. All in all, she only ended up having to purchase the postcards and folders (which ended up being a fiasco, but that’s another story!)

Happily, we reached a conclusion and went with a pretty cherry blossom theme. I paired the pink spring-y feel with this eyepopping Medina Green to balance out the girlie pinks into a more moderate tone, and the entire package looked so pretty even I was surprised. It’s fresh and modern, without being too cliché or too formal. I played around with the fonts until I found a nice combination of classy and fun. I used the cherry blossoms in the other cards for the package.

Here is the invitation I did for Anna and James.