I’m looking back at a bunch of portraits I’ve taken over the years and marvelling at how much things have changed. People marrying and breeding…people getting jobs in other cities, people who I no longer talk to, people who all touched my life in different ways. Even if things soured or if people drift away, it doesn’t mean I stop missing my friends, or ever stop getting reminded about them. Despite living in a town that is so transient, I was fortunate enough to take permanent portraits of people who have touched me over the years, however briefly. Here are some of my favorite portraits.

Kim just had her first child, a pretty little girl.

This was the little boy who used to live downstairs. He brought me cake that he had half-eaten, and he spent half the summer annoying me. He doesn’t remember me.

Ryan Netzley will always remain one of my all-time favorite people – and catchphase source.

Alex Lennartz – very charming and talented fellow.

Sean. Someday we will have another game of Connect Four in a dive bar.

Ashley and Emily: fabulous artists. Fabulous ladies on opposite coasts.

My dear Matt Clower. We spent our college years doing a lot of mischief and I adore the fellow to pieces. Though we’re a couple thousand miles apart and our lives aren’t as intertwined anymore, I still think about him nearly every day. Someday I’ll pay him back for maintaining and creating Mad Vortex.