Collage Pieces

I love doing collage. There’s a somewhat sadistic nature to the medium, one that I secretly enjoy. The idea of chopping up existing things and then twisting them into another reality is something that appeals to me. Perhaps in a past lifetime I was one of those Dadaists that everyone hated.

Collage is also appealing because it involves ephemera, at least in my case. I own a very large collection of paper ephemera, gotten mostly for its entertainment value. I also love the fact that collage can simply be very GOOFY, which I’m cool with. I hate, hate, hate artist statements. Sometimes you just want to make something fun. Collage is that in every respect.

Here’s some examples of collage work I’ve done in the past:

The Sky Miles Are The Limit – 2007 mixed media.

Transcendental Yoga – 2007. I gave this away, but I can’t remember to whom.

The Moth Boy Pinches Frank – 2007. This was a composite painting of two old wet plates that I had scanned and then cut up. I thought the kid looked like a bug.

The Man Machine, 2008. Regrettably, I gave this away to an ex-boyfriend.

Memories of Ma – 2007. I have no idea what the hell this even is. It’s a floaty lady and a guy bleeding from a safety pin impaling his back. I have problems.

The Huntress – 2007. Another wet plate photo that I scanned. I glued on an x-acto blade because it looked cool, and a penny because I had nothing else to glue on it, and then there’s random pictures of my friend Chuck’s head in there because I didn’t want to throw them out.

Grace and Favour – 2007. I don’t even know what this is. A hippie with a lawn mower? A guy with his head bandaged? In front of a church? WTF?

As you can see, I mostly make things for my own entertainment and to make people laugh. I’m first and foremost a comedian, and I guess everything else bolsters that. It’s too hard to write intellectual stuff about my brain process, which is usually stuck in Mischief Mode.