Wedding Stuff!

I’ve shot several weddings over the years. Some have been very casual, some more elabourate. My favorite wedding to shoot was Kristin Carusone’s wedding, which was chock full of red dresses. That color looked amazing on everyone, and the party afterward was a blast as well.

The farthest I’ve traveled for a wedding shoot was Gettysburg, when my friends Megan and Dirk got married.

My style is pretty cut and dry with a more photojournalistic approach, but I do editing to people’s tastes – some people like a slight vignette, some like faded colors, some like black and white. I don’t do weddings too often these days now that my friends are mostly married, but I’ll do one once in a while. I do digital and film photography, but the film can be a pain to wait on processing (I get it processed at the Camera Shop downtown and though I love them dearly, they can take quite a while to get around to it).

I prefer to approach weddings rather casually and unobtrusively. Overly posed pictures make me feel uncomfortable, and I don’t think they capture the essence of a wedding very well. I like to let the bride and groom feel comfortable (weddings are always very stressful, even the most carefree ones) and look natural.

Weddings I’ve shot:

Carusone-Scipone   …   Carusone-Tran   …   Inskip Maurer   …   Turner-Smith   …   Auman-Gregory   …   Aurand-Taylor

If I’m unable to do your wedding, I highly, highly recommend Jessica Ames Photography.