Egg Hill Church

Above Spring Mills, PA is a large hill (or small mountain). For reasons lost to time and senility, the people of Penns Valley call the place “Egg Hill.”

Somewhere nestled on the hill is a semi-abandoned church and cemetery on an isolated road. The church dates back to the early 1800s, but the current structure dates from the 1860s. There are several bullshit legends around Egg Hill church: that a minister poisoned his congregation Jim Jones-style; that there are pentagrams that appear; that there are ghosts. The only graffiti I see are from assholes who deface the place. None of the legends are true, but it is true that it’s traditionally been a haven for druggies, goths, and drunks.

Egg Hill has a homecoming service once a year, and I believe weddings occasionally take place there. The basement is full of broken tombstones and pews and lawn mowers. It’s a beautiful place, if creepy. But the creepiness has nothing to do with zombie churchgoers at night.

Harlan and I went up there last week and I took some photos.