Pickle’s Store

Nestled in the cup of Spring Mills is a tiny store, dating back to the 1920s or thereabouts. A sign saying “FAIRLAWN STORES” is displayed on the front. Benches (usually holding up local people) are out front on the porch. You can sit outside and watch the world go by; you can gawk at the bar across the street: The Frosty Hook. Inside the store it’s remarkable. The place is heated by a potbelly stove. The floors are wooden; there are trap doors to the cellar. When the school next door was still open, students would run to “Pickles” for candy and sodas before going home.

The school is closed these days, and it now houses a farmer’s market and thrift store. But Pickles is still the same: still making hoagies, still hawking candy out of the original 1920s glass cases.