Autumn Excursion.

Today Harlan and I went for a drive out in the country. We stopped at Harner’s Market to pick up some apples. We thought about going through the corn maze, but it was closed for the evening, so we headed out to Warriors Mark and enjoyed a pretty autumn evening. In Warrior’s Mark, we saw this crazy-awesome abandoned mansion along the road, so we decided to check it out. There were some heavy renovations being made to it (it needed massive work) but you could really tell that it was once a palace. Neat knob-and-post electrical wiring in the stone gate still remained. The carriage house and well were still there. The gingerbread on the side porch was magnificent.


After that, we went back toward State College and saw a huge abandoned grist mill, so we decided to check out that place, too. In the upper floors, there were still old trucks from the 1910s just sitting there, rusting away. It looks like they are doing some renovation work to the exterior, but if you go around the back you can still check out some of the work area. The bottom part is open. The view surrounding the grist mill is gorgeous; it’s in a little hollow and the wildflowers and leaves changing color are really pretty this time of year.

After that, we stopped at Seven Stars Cemetery and checked out that little spot. Beautiful country cemetery that even contained some of Harlan’s distant relatives. Looked very similar to the cemeteries in Penns Valley; even the same tombstones as the one across from my parents’ house. I wonder if they bought from the same tombstone company.