Faces and Bodies.

Here are some illustration studies I have done over the years. I prefer working in pen and ink, but I like to experiment with different styles. I particularly like to draw faces.

This is the only surviving evidence I have left of a painting I made in college of Beck. I was quite proud of the detail in this, worked from a photograph. However…the jury wasn’t impressed for the undergrad art show since it “showed no imagination,” and I ended up giving it away.

This was a study done from life of a model standing in front of a skeleton. Our class’s skeleton was actually real. I wonder who the person was who left his body to a bunch of idiot art students.

Torso studies from class. My teacher had told me to stop only drawing people’s faces and concentrate on other parts of the body. I have never, ever been able to do proportion right, nor did I really care, because for some reason I decided that Tex Avery proportions worked fine for illustration work. It gets people’s attention, anyway.

I honestly have no recollection if this was drawn from life or from a master work. It looks like Ingres or Renoir inspired, but it could just as well have been April, our model. I really can’t remember. Notice my avoidance of drawing hands.