Weird Illustrations.

I did a lot of weird stuff in college. Pen and ink is my favorite medium to work with, and I love doing heavy detail-oriented work. I look at the way James Montgomery Flagg, Charles Dana Gibson, and modern artists like Tony Millionaire do detail-heavy stuff and really love getting lost in the linework.

Here are some of the weirder illustrations I’ve done.

Penn State Phroth, 2000. Teddy Roosevelt being controlled by a moustache. He’s holding a giant turkey leg. I can’t remember what the fuck this even was.

Direct pen and ink copy of an original Froth illustration from the early 1910s. I updated it for the first edition made since the 1970s.

Cartoon done for the Daily Collegian, 1999. I drew in the style of an old Arrow Shirt advertisement from the 1910s.

Portrait of Charles Ramsey doing something intense.

Caricature of John McCain, drawn during the 2008 election.