Family Portraits: The Snyders

I’ve known the wonderful Snyder family for about 20 years now. I babysat their kids when they were little, and the whole family has a great sense of humor.

Steve called me up in December and asked to shoot their family Christmas portrait. I was honored! I knew the portraits the Snyders would want to have done would be fun to do!

Harlan and I went out to their house last night and took the portraits in the Snyders’ living room. Harlan helped me with lighting; as it was a little short notice and I no longer have a hot light kit, I borrowed a flood lamp from my friend Keith and also secured a tripod.

At first, the photos were your regular, run of the mill family pictures by the fireplace, complete with Smokey the cat and Chester the 100-pound collie….


…but then, in true Snyder fashion, they went off the beaten path and brought out the guns.


Then we finished out the shoot in the Man Cave, which was plastered with Rush albums and a KISS clock and outfitted with a sweet pool table.

Not a bad way to start out 2012. y’all!

Happy new year!