Back At The Editing Post.

I spent hours, hours, and more hours editing many movies throughout my college career. Getting into video production was so much fun for me. I became extremely adept at iMovie, inventing new ways to use it and create effects that even the Apple representative at our school couldn’t even comprehend. I had so much fun with iMovie, that I never bothered to learn any other editing program. For a long time, this worked. I won awards, got commissions to do videos, had my own little TV show on the campus station, you name it.

Then they changed iMovie in 2008. I was enraged. Suddenly the format made no sense. I couldn’t edit as easily, the interface wasn’t intuitive anymore, and all of the things I had taught myself over the years vanished. It was horrible. I tried making one video with it, and it was like pulling teeth.

Happily, the story has changed. Harlan got a grant to do a promo video for the Penn State Engineering Library’s user database system, and we launched my new (unloved) version of iMovie on the MacBook Pro I got last March. BY THE HAMMER OF THOR, it’s BACK and better than ever!

Okay, so it’s not completely the same as what I toiled with and loved for 8 years, but it’s close, and it’s more intuitive, and there are better things. There are a few kinks they need to work out…there’s weird things with audio voiceovers and I haven’t figured out transitions/overlay yet, but after an hour I was back in the swing of things. Harlan’s a great director and his filmmaking school background helped move things smoothly. He’s clear on direction, and it makes things go faster. It’s funny…this is actually the first time I’ve worked with another director.

Here’s a screen shot of what we’re working on. Can you guess what it’ll be about? Stay tuned!