Music For Fun.

Some years ago, when I was messing around with animation and struggling to find sounds I wanted, I decided to mess around with making my own music.

I’ve only had limited training with music in high school chorus and an ill-fated couple of months as a trombone player (my arms were too short). I don’t know how to read music very well, but I do like to noodle around. I do have a decent ear for sound, because with animating things you have to get hyper in tune with rhythm and sound to match the pictures. So I got messing around with Garage Band and other soundmixing programs to create sounds for my own work.Image

The cover of “My Lovely Horse” was done in Patterson Building late one night when no one was in the building except a janitor who smelled like ‘Charlie’ perfume. I sang over a video clip I’d found from “Father Ted,” distorted the background sounds, added in a theremin, and blended it all together. It’s the only clip of my singing straight up without funny voices. I can sing alright, I just haven’t done it in so long I get shy about it.

The rest were all little songs I’d made for later possible video endeavors, but to date I’ve never used them except for “Devolution,” which was the closing theme for my college TV show. I thought it sounded like something from a sad drama where someone gets hit by a car or a kid gets measles, but later the dad of the kid finds out his soft side. I wasn’t sure what to do with all this, so I called my imaginary band “Some Guy and the Plural Nouns” because I couldn’t think of anything better.

My favorite is “The Machine,” which has lots of little clunky ploddy factory sounds and is the only one that feels complete. I can see pictures in my head when I hear it, but don’t know how to put it together yet. Maybe someday.

Anyway, if you want to hear my little songs, here they are.