Packaging Design Process: The Sequel

Well, in the past 72 hours, I’ve trucked through an entire labeling and branding look for Marie’s Alchemy fragrance line.

Because she’s chosen brown apothecary bottles and aluminum canisters, we thought it would be fun to create a look that invoked not only the glamour of old Hollywood stars, but weirdly, combine them with math and science for the geek set too. Because her body products contain literal formulas, I got the idea of making the ingredient list look graphically like a math formula to create the essence of the movie star on the front.

I used Gill Sans and Adobe Caslon italic to create a clean, classic “textbook” feel that also could be readable at different sizes. Initially, we were going to use a lowercase typewriter typeface, but when I played around with different sizes, I realized a sans serif font would work much better. The lowercase typewriter ended up going in her overall logo, because I knew it would blend fine with Gill Sans and Adobe Caslon.

My detailed, vintage-y looking illustrations ended up playing off nicely with the stark fonts. I’m quite proud of how they turned out! Next step – printing these labels and stickers, then assembling the packaging.