Card Design

I overhauled my original design for Marie’s business card this afternoon. It wasn’t working for me in its original form, so I decided to rearrange everything from a stark, horizontal laundry list to a lip smacking plum-grey background. I had to work the colors out with Marie, but it ended up looking much more modern, streamlined, and sleek, which is what you want for a beauty products company.

Here’s where I started: a weak idea. The card feels cramped in its negative space.

I wasn’t entirely sure how to handle it – I thought keeping the card stark and chemistry-book-looking would work and match the labels, but I thought it looked kind of boring after a while. When the template wasn’t fitting in the printing setting, I took it as a sign to do an overhaul.

This is what I came up with:

We decided to put the info on the back so it didn’t look so cluttered. I still used the Gill Sans and Caslon combo, but this came out much cleaner and prettier.

And there you have it. Complete business card overhaul.