Computer Illustration

Here are two drawings I did entirely on the computer, before I got a Wacom tablet.

The first was done in 2004. It’s a self portrait of me kissing a very out of proportion credit card. This was the first illustration I ever did on the computer. Pretty primitive. The hand is atrocious, but I am happy with the simple head profile, which feels like cut paper. I ended up sticking with that technique until I got a Wacom tablet last year.

In 2005, I created this prospective logo idea using an illustration done in the same manner as above. This never went anywhere, but I was pleased with it.


Fast forward a few years to 2010. This is a portrait I did of George Orwell. Much more detailed. By this time, I had way more Photoshop experience, and managed to eke out a fairly detailed drawing entirely with my mouse, with the cut paper style I liked from before. I hacked out the hair, face and body with the polygonal lasso tool and paint bucket. I clicked each individual stippling dot. This took me a couple of days.


Finally, after getting the Wacom, I could do more detailed work like pen and ink without the incessant mouse clicking. This was my first Wacom drawing: a kid for a poster design. He’s not yet as detailed as my pen and ink stuff, or quite up to Orwell’s detail above, but I am pleased for a first attempt at an entirely new drawing tool.