Illustration Work, 1999-2003

This was done in class. I can’t remember this model’s name, but I was working on perspective.

This model’s name was April. This was around the time I realized I hated working in pencil. As a lefty, it’s impossible to do anything with pencil or charcoal and not come out with a black hand.

Drawn from a photograph of a friend. He had marvellous hair and I loved drawing it. I learned a lot of pen and ink techniques from reading up on James Montgomery Flagg and Charles Dana Gibson.

Apparently you could only be a famous illustrator at the turn of the 19th century if you had three names.

Study of a very detailed foot. I remember drawing this through a glass table as my friend was playing Go with his friend. The game went on forever, and luckily Bob kept his feet rather still.

Sketch from a photograph of my good friend Jason. I am really bad at proportion so I make some use of tracing paper, normally, but in this case I didn’t.

Drawn from another photograph. I was quite pleased with how this one came out.

Drawing of my hand. I’m a lefty.