Another Business Card Revamp.

I redesigned Harlan’s business cards this afternoon; he’s been doing different sorts of illustration work this month – mostly animal related – and he wanted to give out cards at Farm Fest advertising commission work and updated contact info.

His last cards featured an illustration and his info featured on a vertical card, but this time I stuck with horizontal. I also stuck with a template so they can be printed professionally in the future by Moocards, but since we’re pressed for time I ran them off on Epson Double Sided Matte on our new little inkjet. They came out quite nicely.

I got the idea to run the airbrush look after watching a bunch of old Leslie Howard and Jimmy Stewart movies this week. I love the look of old office doors, with frosted glass and nice lettering.

So here is what I did with Harlan’s card. It’s a last-minute simple quickie, but I can make several designs with different illustrations on the card. I abandoned the black and gave it a little more dimension. And I mimicked the roundness of the mandala with his name in an arc. All in all, a satisfactory endeavour.