Weekend At Birdie’s

When I was cleaning off my porch, I found a little bird that had been pecked to death in my fern plant. There are a lot of birds that fight fiercely on my porch. They’re horrible. I don’t know what the hell they’re fighting about, but this is the fourth dead bird I’ve encountered since I moved here in 2009. For the record, I’m a little of afraid of wild birds. They’re tiny dinosaurs. Their eyes have a creepy knowing look to them. I don’t like caged birds. I feel like they might be angry with us.

Anyway, I looked at the tiny bird and was simultaneously horrified and fascinated by the textures of its slow decay. Birds look different when they decompose than mammals do. I will note that the bird had no eyes; the other bird likely pecked them out. It was quite gruesome.It must have been out there in the plant for a little while because it was as light as a feather (no pun intended) and pretty much mummified.

I have this antique brass birdcage photo prop that’s not in the best of shape, so I decided to do a quick photo shoot because the cage looked kind of like a haunted house for ghost birds. I thought it would make a rather macabre, surreal scene, plus it was kind of absurd propping up a dead bird “Weekend At Bernie’s” style, doing regular alive-birdie things.

I tried putting the bird on the swing, but it wouldn’t stay up, so I gave up and propped it up to look like it was eating seed in the cage instead. I didn’t really want to handle it too much, to be honest, mostly because birds are pretty filthy.

After I shot about 10 pictures, I gently disposed of the poor birdie, disinfected my table, cage, and hands, and had a fun afternoon in the sunshine!