Lowjack Portraits

A few years ago, a friend of mine from high school, Dennis, asked me to do portraits of his band. The guys and I spent an afternoon roaming around State College in the freezing cold snow for some outdoor portraits on top of a parking garage, and then we converged in the studio to do portraits indoors. I forgot about most of these pictures until this evening, when I started organizing my hard drive.

My favorite of this series is of Frank, the gentleman laughing in the leather coat. Frank was the hardest to shoot, I remember, because he was very uncomfortable in front of the lens. I was so happy to have caught this genuine laugh on camera, because it was the only one of the series that actually looked like him naturally.

I am proud of this shoot, and love how fun everything came out. These guys were great to work with! Last I heard, Dennis was crossing the country and dabbling in acting.


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