The Old Sled Works

Last month, my family took a trek down to the Old Sled Works in Duncannon, PA (fairly close to Harrisburg). If you are a vintage/antique junkie, this is your Shangri-La!

Great prices, amazing displays, very cool historical building – and enormous. It has pretty much everything you are looking for. I found a prized Ritchey Dairy milk bottle there for cheap, which I gave to Harlan for Christmas. I also found some other crazy things, and lamented being broke at the time because it was all amazing and wonderful and sweet. The layout is very organized and well-kept, and – best of all – there is a FULL ARCADE in the back. Dozens of 1930s-60s pinball machines, arcade games, a full Skee-Ball run, and an actual soda fountain are all there! It’s really charming. My family went apeshit playing around with things and looking at all the crazy goods. My sister and I had a lot of fun goofing around with pictures, too.

Here’s some shots I took that day! If you’re ever in Duncannon, by all means – check out this place.


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