Concert Poster: Charles Ramsey

My friend Chuck is doing a couple of shows in NYC and Philadelphia soon, and needed a poster very quickly. He gave me a few new photos to work with that a friend had taken, so I decided to try something different. I used a photo from the surface of Mars and a photo of the moon, and superimposed his head so the moon looked kind of halo-like. I liked the idea of playing with traditional saint imagery. So now Chuck is hanging on Mars, I guess. I wanted to make a modern-looking but clean style, so I used the ol’ standards, Bebas Neue and Raleway. I left the bottom white so he could Sharpie in the dates and venue spots, since he had three shows booked and it was just easier that way.

Check out his shows if you get a chance!

April 1st, 8 PM – Pianos, New York, NY

April 12th, 8 PM – Milkboy Coffee, Ardmore, PA

Chuck’s a fantastic songwriter and performer. He’s on Spotify, too, under Charles Ramsey. (I did his “Cashing In On Christmastime” album cover!)