My First Article!

…Well, sort of. I’ve been writing things for years, but a kindred spirit at XO Jane UK gave me a great break this week, quite by accident, when we both went geeky about our mutual love of British detective novels. As a result, I got to write a nice article about my two heroes: Dorothy L. Sayers, and her delightful creation, Lord Peter Wimsey. Here’s the link!

I’ve been besotted with Lord Peter and Albert Campion (Margery Allingham’s detective) since I was a young girl, and it’s great to see there are others out there with the same unorthodox taste in literary figures as mine. Lord Peter and Albert Campion brought me a lot of luck, and I think you will like them, too.


** Update: I got the nicest note from someone at the Dorothy L. Sayers society saying they enjoyed my article, and talked about Sayers fans in general. I was over the moon to get such a sweet response. It means so much! Donne is to Peter as Sayers is to me, I think.