Adventures In The Old Mill!

Today Harlan and I went out to Penns Valley along the creek road. It was a really nice, sunny afternoon in the 50s and not too sloshy, perfect for walking around. A few miles from Coburn, there’s an old mill that has a fading sign that says “PENNS CREEK FEED MILL: FULL O’PEP.”
I’m guessing “full o’ pep” must have been a brand name for a type of animal feed. I’ve always thought the building was really cool, but it’s shut up tight because it’s still over a running creek and would be very dangerous for kids. Today, however, we were in luck. A man was in the yard cutting down a sapling, and I hollered down, “Hey! Is this your mill? This place is awesome!” He came up and shook our hands, introduced himself as Sean (he had a really thick central PA accent so it was hard to understand him), and he asked if we would like to see the inside of it.

WOW, did we ever!

The building was in use as a feed mill until about 40 years ago, and has since been sitting along the creek as a warehouse for the owner’s junk collection. It also was a barber shop for some time, and the checkered floor is still there. The place had quite a collection of junk -nonfunctioning pinball machines, bicycles, lawn mowers, etc, but the structure of the place itself was really sound and well built. We explored all three storeys of the place and found some amazing things: a collection of small animal skulls (likely the work of a barn owl), an old 1920s battery case, old furniture, and cool old signs.

After all these years, it was neat to actually be able to see inside the building – it is enormous. They have plans for it in the future; I hope they’re able to do something neat with it.

Here are some photos I took!

IMG_4817 IMG_4818  IMG_4820     IMG_4825 IMG_4826 IMG_4827  IMG_4829 IMG_4830       IMG_4837 IMG_4838