Coburn: Railroad Tunnel

Last weekend, after the adventure in the old feed mill, Harlan and I went down to the little village of Coburn and visited the famous Coburn railroad tunnel. It’s a beautiful spot, and as we’re just coming out of winter, there was a special treat still with us: a massive sheet of icicles still clinging to the entrance wall. I walked through the tunnel, which is actually much longer than it appears, and Harlan worked on some sketches and started a drawing of the ice side. I crossed the railroad bridge and took a nice walk down the rail trail toward Ingleby. Despite having taken the walk countless times, I always forget how long it actually is. Anyway, there’s a spot where the creek wraps back around and it’s a really beautiful place. I took a bunch of photos on my mini-hike. The weather was in the mid-50s and sunny, which was a special treat because it’s been so wintry all month. Here’s some of my favorite pictures from the afternoon!