Portrait: Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor

I love Tom Baker. He was a great Doctor, and I even went as Four for Halloween one year. I did this portrait of him tonight…it’s definitely a different approach than what I’ve been doing. I’ve been studying Sargent and other turn of the century pencil artists to kind of figure out how to do more solid line work. As a result, this portrait is one of the nicest I’ve ever done. Very proud of this and trying a new direction.

Here’s a shot of me in progress with the drawing. I like the look of 60s book covers, like those of Brian Sanders (who just did the new Mad Men poster). I thought it would be fun to play with the light in this very dark classic head shot of Four.


My friend Gillian said something very sweet about this new drawing style:  “It’s this wonderful sort of sketchy freewheeling realism that really captures the likeness.” Whoo!

If you would like to have this drawing, he’s $75 unframed, $200 framed. Hit me up if you would like this illustration…I have bills to pay! Buahahaha!

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 9.07.49 PM

Here is the finished illustration!