I’m making a new painting right now of a skull that my friend Debbie has named “Frank,” which is an inside joke originating from that douchebag ghost hunter show I admit to guiltily watching on occasion with a bowl of ice cream.

I am working with whatever junk I can find in my art drawer, which – at the moment – just happens to be gesso diluted with water and hunter green Selennier fountain pen ink that’s half dried up and has got to be over a decade old – I picked it up when I worked in the stationery store in college. I mixed it up at different hue values, and am using my usual drip-drop technique that I like playing with. I like messy neatness. I want to layer it so the skull has a lot of nice detail and pops out from the background; this is just the underpainting so far. It’ll look more like an actual skull than just a cartoony one. It’s amazing how much the painting changes at its different stages. The second photo shows up darker, because I photographed it in another room. It’s not that dark in real life.

I got inspired by the awesome skull painting in Sherlock’s flat that’s hanging on the amazing wallpaper. Since I only had green to work with, that was perfect. So now stage 2 is drying and there are green driplets all over my kitchen floor that will need to be cleaned up by a Magic eraser. I really, really need a good studio space. Working in my living space is a pain in the ass.

Here is stage one, where I lay out the composition:

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 7.48.42 PM


And here is the second stage, with a little more detail. I will go over this again when it’s dry so that nice settled detail in the edges doesn’t get messed up too much with extra moisture.

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 11.25.45 PM


It’s gonna be awesome when it’s done! I’m excited!