I like to make myself look as freaky as possible and then take selfies with Hipstamatic, and then post them on Instagram with really goofy hashtags like “cute” and “sorority.” It cracks me up when I hit those hashtags and see my freaky face mixed in with the parade of duck lips and perfectly straight hair. I know I’m no beauty already, so why not have a little fun?

One of my latest endeavours involved me being wide awake at 4 AM a couple of weeks ago, when the thought popped in my head, “I wonder what I’d look like covered in shaving cream?” So I stripped down, covered myself in shaving cream so I looked like Fad Gadget (or at least a weird troll) and snapped away. Sometimes I’ll do double exposure shots and see if I can make it look like my head is inside my own mouth. And I still like to shoot myself smoking, which really brings about some strange, “Silent-Hill” type pictures.

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