Self-Portrait With Sherlock Holmes

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 11.11.01 PM


Someone on DeviantArt hosted a contest called “Sherlock Holmes and Me,” so I thought it would be funny to draw myself with Benedict Cumberbatch. We have matchymatchy scarves!

The drawing of myself is based on a photo my college friend Matt Clower took of me in 2001, so I was 22 there. I dressed like Sherlock in school: long flappy coat, wild dark hair, scarf, dark clothes. In fact, I never really gave up the style, so when the show came out, I had to laugh because now I’m sure everyone is gonna think I’m a cosplaying fangirl. Whatever keeps me warm.

I always liked the picture and thought it would be fun to match it with a profile of Cumberbatch. So here it is. If I win I get like $3! Whooo!