Work really picked up for me this month. I was recently hired by a local design firm, Firebrand, as a freelance design consultant. My first job with Firebrand is a doozy: to upgrade… Continue reading

Ice Storm.

The storm hit us hard last night, encasing everything in a sheet of ice…from the walls, to the sidewalks, to the trees.    

Poster Designs

I was asked to design two new posters this week, advertising an upcoming craft show and a concert for a friend, respectively. The “Twiggy” style poster utilizes the classic London Underground font using… Continue reading


I started getting interested in doing collage-type things with buttons. My mom gave me a large jar of old buttons she had probably picked up at auction years ago (some are from the… Continue reading


I got another subcontracting gig with a local interior design company, Morpheus. This task is to design four sports-themed (specifically Pittsburgh teams) lampshades. The design will be printed on vellum and turned into… Continue reading

Cashing In On Christmastime.

My old pal Chuck Ramsey put out a new holiday single called “Cashing In On Christmastime.” It’s a fun ditty about being poor and whoring a song out for profit so he can… Continue reading

Great Moments In Accident History.

Let it be known here and now: I am never to operate a box cutter on foamcore again. I was commissioned by a local interior design company, Morpheus, to design a 3D poster… Continue reading


My friends Kristin and Joe wanted to have family portraits done with their baby son, Vincent. Vincent has the most solemn demeanor I’ve ever encountered in a child that young, but he was… Continue reading

Fall Festival

I occasionally do freelance writing and photography for Happy Valley Magazine. I got assigned to photograph the State College Fall Festival for their fall webpage. It was a pretty simple gig: photograph kids… Continue reading

I Made HuffPo!

Back in October, I went down to DC with my boyfriend to check out the Rally To Restore Sanity. It was absolutely packed. We couldn’t hear anything except the occasional wafting of music… Continue reading