Portrait: Marion Davies

My friend Jason asked if I could draw a portrait of the silent comedian Marion Davies. I loved this crazy photo idea he sent me. Marion Davies had great eyes.   Here’s the… Continue reading

Portrait: Louise Brooks

One of my new Twitter pals, Sara, asked me to draw Louise Brooks! I love Louise too, so I found a nice one to work with. I did very little to her iconic… Continue reading

Portrait: Norma Shearer

After finishing Clara Bow last night, I went to work straightaway on another portrait. This one is of Canadian actress Norma Shearer. I didn’t do charcoal on this one; I wanted to try… Continue reading

Portrait: Clara Bow

Harlan’s mother gave us a set of Derwent colored pencils, which are like coloring with little sticks of butter. I hadn’t used colored pencils since college – I had done a William Blake… Continue reading

Portrait: Alan Cumming

I was commissioned by a friend of mine to do a portrait of Alan Cumming in possibly the most normal Alan Cumming outfit he’s ever worn: the Masterpiece Mystery “English teacher” look. 8×10… Continue reading



I like to make myself look as freaky as possible and then take selfies with Hipstamatic, and then post them on Instagram with really goofy hashtags like “cute” and “sorority.” It cracks me… Continue reading

Another Appearance In XO Jane UK!

Phoebe made this hilarious graphic of my illustration of Albert Campion (now owned by Shawna Ross) on a heart balloon, for a very funny article about fictional crushes in XO Jane UK. She… Continue reading

Springtime Creekside

We went on another outing to Coburn last weekend and took some more photos of the area. Harlan wants to work on another illustration of the rock outcropping over Penns Creek, and I… Continue reading

Google Image Search Done Me Right

It’s come to my attention from several people that when you search under Google Image, my pencil portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch is the very first. Considering the massive amount of Cumberbatch-related material out… Continue reading