This past weekend I went on a short trip to DC to visit an old high school friend. We mostly geeked out on detective novels (Campion, Lord Peter) and then took a jaunt… Continue reading


I just did this painting this afternoon on a whim. I was playing around with some old map books a cartographer friend gave me this summer. There were a few in there that… Continue reading


Welp, Frank’s done. He’s 16×20, or thereabouts (my ruler isn’t very big) and he’s gesso and various inks on canvas (so keep him away from water). $175.00 to anyone who’d like to have… Continue reading

Frank, Part Deux

Well, Frank’s outlined. I had to wait for the underpainting to dry before I could put down the India ink layer that brings out the contour of the actual skull shape. Did you… Continue reading

Portrait: Hercule Poirot

Caveat: I’ve never been a massive Christie fan, but I’ve had a couple of requests for Hercule Poirot portraits, so I did a pencil drawing tonight of the David Suchet version because he… Continue reading


I’m making a new painting right now of a skull that my friend Debbie has named “Frank,” which is an inside joke originating from that douchebag ghost hunter show I admit to guiltily… Continue reading

Portrait: Lewis Carroll

Here’s a pencil portrait I did of Lewis Carroll. ┬áHe’s 8×10 and available for $50 if you’d like to have him.

I Exist On Facebook Now.

I finally bit the bullet and created an art page for my work on Facebook. It’s taken me a long time to get around to doing it, mostly because of the sheer volume… Continue reading

Portrait: The Log Lady of Twin Peaks

I’ve always loved the beautiful, enigmatic Log Lady from Twin Peaks. So here is a portrait of her in pencil, 8×10. Let me know if you’d like to purchase her; she’s $75 unframed,… Continue reading

Portrait: Matt Smith as Eleven

          I did this quick study of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor last night and finished him this afternoon. I decided to try doing heavier linework more in… Continue reading