Man Ray Inspired

Man Ray did a lot of fun stuff with his photographs in the 20s and 30s, so I’ve been playing around with Hipstamatic on my iPhone to get some of the same strange… Continue reading

Portrait: Benedict Cumberbatch

This guy is impossible to draw. I mean, I went through two studies before I could even get his eyes right. They’re shaped a little weird and he has crazy defined cheekbones.┬áBut…the end… Continue reading

Portrait: Oscar Wilde

It’s St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, so I thought I’d draw one of the best writers Ireland ever produced: Oscar Wilde. Here’s a pencil portrait I did today. It’s 8×10, roughly, and I did… Continue reading

Coburn: Railroad Tunnel

Last weekend, after the adventure in the old feed mill, Harlan and I went down to the little village of Coburn and visited the famous Coburn railroad tunnel. It’s a beautiful spot, and… Continue reading

Portrait: Peter Davison as Albert Campion

Sometimes you get stuck on drawing one person’s face. It can’t be helped; there’s something really fun about drawing them. Right now, for me it’s actor Peter Davison, who is like a chameleon… Continue reading

Portrait: Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor

I love Tom Baker. He was a great Doctor, and I even went as Four for Halloween one year. I did this portrait of him tonight…it’s definitely a different approach than what I’ve… Continue reading

Portrait: Lord Peter Wimsey

In the second of a series of classic British detectives, I drew a portrait of Edward Petherbridge as Lord Peter Wimsey. Pencil on paper, 8×10 or so. UPDATE! Lord Peter is now living… Continue reading

Portrait: Albert Campion

I have been a little Campion-crazy this month, watching all the episodes twice over, but they were so well done. I also read a few Campion books in the past week. I did… Continue reading

Adventures In The Old Mill!

Today Harlan and I went out to Penns Valley along the creek road. It was a really nice, sunny afternoon in the 50s and not too sloshy, perfect for walking around. A few… Continue reading

My First Article!

…Well, sort of. I’ve been writing things for years, but a kindred spirit at XO Jane UK gave me a great break this week, quite by accident, when we both went geeky about… Continue reading